Cynthia Carr - Vocals, Guitar

Born into a family of singers and musicians, Cynthia Carr was just seventeen when she played her first solo gig, and not much older when she formed the band California Bloodlines with Patrick McGrath and Mollie Horgan in 1975.  Steeped in the traditions of singers like Linda Rondstadt, Judy Collins and The Andrews Sisters, her unique vocal styling combines emotional warmth with the sheer joy of singing to create an entertainment experience not to be missed.


Sandi Everett - Vocals, Tambourine, Sand Blocks, Jam Block, Claves, Cowbell

The Carrtunes resident torch singer, Sandi brings us tunes that make us sway, and a voice that makes us swoon. Whether crafting jazz interpretations that would make the masters proud, or adding her own layers of emotion to a Leonard Cohen classic, Sandi delivers it smooth and satiny, with just a touch of spice - every single time.


Caryn Price - Vocals, Guitar, High Hat, Tambourine, Percussion/Guiro, Maracas

Caryn's crystal harmonies and soulful leads add new and surprising dimensions to songs we already know and love, inviting us to hear them with fresh ears and fall in love all over again.  Also a fine guitarist and percussionist, Caryn is the Carrtunes secret weapon, always contributing that extra something that is guaranteed to make a song soar.


Doug Bates - Trombone, Harmonica, Conga

A lifelong musician, Doug Bates possesses an catalog of musical experience that is a perfect match for The Carrtunes' eclectic songbook.  He has performed with Yo-Yo Ma, Judy Collins, Dave Grushin, Yes, Nadja Salerno-Sonnenbert, Midori and Dan Hicks and His Hot Licks. Bates has also played with The Princeton Symphoy, Delaware Symphony and holds 20 years with Santa Rosa Symphony. 


Ed Davis - Bass

Perhaps the happiest bass player on the planet, Ed Davis considers himself blessed to have stood behind The Carrtunes for three decades, enjoying and helping to shape their distinctive sound. A sucker for a simple story told well in song, Ed is particularly honored to have played bass on Cynthia's Our House, Our Town, a song he is certain will one day become an American folk classic.