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Cynthia Carr & the Carrtunes
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From Cynthia Carr, songwriter:

This song is not just about a place, it’s about the love that makes a place special. When I was a young girl, I read and loved ‘Vagabond’s House’, written by Don Blanding in the 1920’s. The poem describes a traveling soul’s home filled with their most valued treasures and memories. It churned up the wanderer in me and made me pine for this special place. I carried that with me until I was a grown woman and began writing, but it wasn’t until I actually fell in love that the song came to be.


                         Our House, Our Town

It will be a place for friends to rest from roaming

There'll be hooks for their caps and coats to be hung

A place for our babies to start their growin'

Where every bedtime lullabies are sung 

In our house

And in the evening we'll sit on our front porch dreaming

Letting our eyes grow heavy watching the stars tumble down

In our house, in our town

We'll build our house on dreams and love 

And fill it with memories

Of song and laughter, gentleness, 

And the hard times that every life brings 

To our house

But every new day I see I'm going to thank the good Lord 

For sending you to me

I can't see growing older without you by my side

In our house, in our town

 I want to live beside you, grow beside you

I want to be your old woman with you, my old man

I want the years to pass so slowly

Leaving their mark as soft as they can 

In our house

 And when our living days are done

I'll want to pass this old house on to some younger ones

Who will feel the loving memories we've left behind

In our house, in our town

In our house, in our town

                      Cynthia Lea Segar Carr