Cynthia Carr & The Carrtunes


We are thrilled that Cynthia's wonderful original song, Our House, Our Town, has been selected as a finalist in the nineteenth Annual Great American Song Contest! The judge's evaluation reads as follows: "Warmly engaging folk/Americana musicality beautifully pairs with the romantic sentimentality of the words. In conjunction with the well-focused & universal premise, this song stands out brilliantly - this is good songwriting!" We could not agree more! 


Hey, we just learned that Cynthia's original song, Our House, Our Town, is in contention for a Grammy nomination! It is entered in the Best American Roots Song category, and up against 339 others. Voting by Grammy members started today and ends at the end of the month. If you happen to be a voting member, or know one, here is a link to the song for your consideration! for giving this great song a listen!

Got some great coverage in The Kenwood Press this morning!

The band had a great time on KSVY radio, talking about our history, our song selection process, and previewing cuts from our new CD, A Carrtunes Banquet.  You can listen here:  KSVY_-_Edited_Interview_MPEG.m4a

For over thirty years our fans have been asking us to record, so we decided to create A Carrtunes Banquet as a way of sharing a sampling of the songs we have come to know and love over those decades. We knew the “what”, but still needed to figure out the “when” and “where”. With some of the members now retired from their day jobs, it became easier to find the time required, so we were able to set aside much of the month of August, 2016, for the principal recording. As to the “where”, our good friend Jeff Falconer recommended Banquet Studios, and it proved to be a perfect fit. We couldn’t be happier with the result.

From my standpoint, nothing would have happened if Ed Davis hadn't championed it. This recording is his baby, so to speak, not that the band doesn't have a stake in the wager, as well. It's been Ed who's helped us make a stab at recording every his house, with Ben Carr and Noah Davis as our engineers, live in the Foster's back yard with Jon video taping, and again at the church. Each time we were left with the feeling that "something" was missing or we, the band, weren't quite up to snuff. Many times I was the one saying, "It's not good enough". This time, though, "A Carrtunes Banquet" IS good enough, it's better than good enough. It's our best work and something I think we all feel proud of. The band has long wanted to have a recording of our work to share with our families, friends and fans. Now we do!

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